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Artistic Success

Masterpieces Find Their Homes

Navigating Sales

The Role of Our Gallery in Facilitating Art Sales

The majority of our art displays involve the opportunity to purchase the featured artworks. Enabling the sale of artwork stands as a central function of our gallery. We take on the role of personally representing both the artworks and the artists during the exhibition, furnishing comprehensive information to those who express interest. Our process for selling involves direct interaction with the artists and is carried out in a professional manner.

Upon the acceptance of an offer, we facilitate the transaction by providing the buyer with the artist's bank account details. Once the artist confirms receipt of payment, we then share the buyer's shipping address with the artist. In transactions occurring outside of exhibition windows, our gallery assumes the responsibility of handling the money transfer, applying a 25% commission fee for this service.


For physical artworks in the artist's possession, we request that the artist arrange for the shipment to the buyer. Conversely, if prints or copies are sold and held by our gallery, we manage the shipping process on behalf of the artist. In both cases, the buyer side will be responsible for the shipping costs. Additionally, should both parties wish to formalize the sale with a contract, we offer our assistance in facilitating communication and negotiations between them, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction for all involved.


Commission-Free Exhibition Policy

During the exhibition period, Luna Grande Art does not take any commission from the artwork sales.

Our main focus is on selling reproductions of your artworks, which can be tailored based on your preferences and permissions. More information about intellectual property rights can be found in our exhibition contract.

Should you desire the return of these prints, we will apprise you of any additional expenses associated with shipping and custom services. In the event that an offer arises for your original artwork, we will supply you with the essential contact details of the interested buyer.



Establishing connections between artists and art enthusiasts is one of the primary tasks of an art gallery.


We continuously work on building relationships with collectors, architecture offices, hotels, and businesses. 

We have communicated with a significant number of them, and many of these connections are ongoing.

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