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  • What are your terms & conditions for online auctions?
    You can visit the Auction Participation Contract page for terms & conditions for online auctions.
  • Is there interest in the auction?
    While it varies from one auction to another, almost all of our visual auctions result in artwork sales. Facilitating artwork sales is one of the main activities of our gallery. Throughout the entire auction, we personally represent the artworks and artists in our online gallery. We provide detailed information to visitors who want to inquire or make offers. In terms of artwork sales, we directly reach out to our artists and manage the process in a professional manner. You can check the Current Bids & Buyouts and Sold Artworks pages to see related activity in real time.
  • Can my artworks be rejected?
    While our curators reserve the right to reject artworks that promote hate, racism, religious fanaticism, pornography, extreme violence/gore, or illegal activities, having a particular work or multiple works turned down doesn't necessarily mean you can't apply again with different pieces. You have the option to submit alternative works by visiting the "Share Your Portfolio" page. Rest assured, we meticulously and impartially review all applications and uploaded artworks to ensure a fair process for all participants.
  • How do you select artworks and artists? What are your criterias?
    In selecting artworks, we consult with esteemed academic figures whose opinions we highly value. As the Luna Grande Art team, we evaluate the selection process based on curatorial processes and concepts specific to each exhibition. We prioritize original and non-reproduction works. We also strive to maintain a certain level of artistic quality in the visual art exhibitions we organize or host since we are aware that the displayed artworks represent our gallery.
  • Can you make a selection from my artworks?
    Certainly! If you share the images of your artworks with us, we can jointly make a selection. However, our selection will be a recommendation, and the final decision always rests with the artist. You can share your portfolio with us anytime. Average response time is around 2-3 days.
  • How are the prices of the artworks determined?
    Determining the price of an artwork is a complex process that involves various criteria and is influenced by the dynamics of the art market. Based on our expertise and considering the supply/demand dynamics, we provide artists with a price range as guidance. However, the final decision and responsibility regarding the price always belong to the artist. Setting excessively high prices can, of course, reduce the likelihood of artwork sales.
  • Can you give me a price quote for participating in your events?
    We can give you a special price offer for the work/s you want to participate with in our events. You can share a single work or your collection to receive a price quote by filling the "Request a Quote" form at the following page.
  • How do I reserve gallery space to participate in an exhibition?
    To secure your reservation easily, there are three different options; 1) Firstly, you can visit our website by the following link; (fastest option) "Reserve Your Space" button will direct you to the payment/reservation screen where you can choose size, material and frame options for your artworks. There is no limit about the quantity of copy versions which means you can sell your artwork more than once. 2) Secondly, we can give you a special price offer for your artwork/s to participate in our events. You can share a single work or your collection and how you would like to display them to receive a price quote by filling the "Request a Quote" form at the following page. 3) Thirdly, you can directly mail us at or contact our WhatsApp number +90 (531) 640 54 45 with the information below to receive an offer. In order to streamline the cargo processes and minimize custom service expenses, we kindly request that you submit, a) Digital versions (accepted formats: jpeg, tiff, png, psd, eps, pdf, gif, mp4) of your artworks (also for moderation and expertise). b) Size (0-50cm, 50-100cm), print material (paper, forex, canvas) and frame (no frame, plastic, wooden) requests for your artworks to participate in the exhibition. c) We can accept physical artworks only by hand, so if you want to join with your original artworks, we can still provide you a price offer but bringing them to the exhibition will be your responsibility.
  • What happens to my artworks after the exhibition?
    After the exhibition, if your artworks remain unsold, you have three options: 1) You can extend the visibility of your artworks by reserving a new gallery space for the upcoming exhibition, and we'll offer a discounted rate as a returning artist. 2) If you prefer, you can arrange to personally collect your artworks or request their return by getting in touch with our agents. They will calculate the shipping costs and provide you with assistance. 3) We also have the option to purchase your printed artworks based on our expert evaluation, and we will transfer Luna Grande Coins to your online wallet on our website. These tokens can be used for various discounts and rewards. Regardless of your choice, please know that we are committed to providing the best possible support.
  • Are the exhibited artworks insured?
    Our gallery's existing insurance covers all the artworks displayed during the exhibition.
  • Can I join with sculptures or other handworks?
    We have an established network of collectors and business owners, interested with a wide range of types of artworks and even installations, therefore displaying their printed or photographed versions would definitely attract their attention and most possibly cause the sale of your original sculptures and other hand works.
  • How do you exhibit videos?
    We showcase your videos in high-definition quality (2K HD) on the projection screen situated on the second floor of our gallery's stage.
  • Can I upload my works again?
    You can visit the upload artworks page to upload new works or update the details of your existing application.
  • Can I participate in exhibitions with sculpture, ceramics, ebru, handmade, or relief-style works?
    Yes, we occasionally include artworks from different disciplines in our exhibitions. Therefore, we refer to our exhibitions as "visual arts exhibitions." If you are considering participation, you can share images and information about the artwork with us, and we can assist you with the participation process.
  • Can you finance me and my accomodation?
    Luna Grande Art - Visual Arts Exhibition program is an optional service designed for exhibition participants and those interested in attending the event in person. If you express your interest, our agents will reach out to you and send you a price offer to cover your accommodation & travel expenses. Kindly visit the following page to submit your information for an offer. Average response time for this query is around 3-4 days. Feel free to remind us if an offer hasn't reached you.
  • Is it possible to send artworks via courier or cargo for exhibition participation?
    Shipping artworks involves various difficulties, risks, and costs for both the artist and the gallery. In order to streamline the cargo processes and minimize custom service expenses, we kindly request that the artists submit digital versions of their artworks for participation in the exhibition. To enable and encourage multiple sales of the same work, we can reproduce copies on various materials like paper, canvas or forex at affordable prices in sizes ranging from 10 to 200 cm. You can however, bring your artworks in hand and exhibit them after making a reservation on our website or paying in cash depending on the number of works. For online registration of physical works, you need to select "no print" in the reservation screen. To secure your reservation, you can visit the following link;
  • Do you have artwork sales during your exhibitions?
    The majority of our art displays involve the opportunity to purchase the featured artworks. Enabling the sale of artwork stands as a central function of our gallery. We take on the role of personally representing both the artworks and the artists during the exhibition, furnishing comprehensive information to those who express interest. Our process for selling involves direct interaction with the artists and is carried out in a professional manner. Our main focus is on selling reproductions of your artworks, which can be tailored based on your preferences and permissions. More information about intellectual property rights can be found in our exhibition contract. Should you desire the return of these prints, we will apprise you of any additional expenses associated with shipping and custom services. In the event that an offer arises for your original artwork, we will supply you with the essential contact details of the interested buyer.
  • When do you publish a poster?
    We generally share the exhibition poster with the name list of participating artists a week before the exhibition opening day.
  • Do you have an exhibition participation contract?
    Yes, we have an exhibition contract. By participating in our exhibitions, artists are considered to have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract. Furthermore written agreements regarding the last clause can be made between LUNA GRANDE ART and the artwork copyright owners.
  • Is there a possibility of any damage to the artworks during the exhibition process?
    No, there is absolutely no such possibility. To date, none of our exhibitions has experienced any damage to the artworks. Our gallery is equipped with cameras and an alarm system.
  • I'm from another country. How do I participate?
    We can print your works on desired material regardless of size so you or your original works don't physically need to be present here, unless you want to visit us in person. Numerous artists from various countries are opting to participate in the exhibition remotely. Even if you can not be physically present, our team and curators represent you, your artworks, and handle any potential sales. We capture photographs of the exhibition and create compelling content for your social media. Additionally, all participating artists receive certificates of participation once the exhibition concludes.
  • In which days and hours are you open?
    Our gallery is open for visits every day from 12:00 to 18:00, except on Sundays.
  • Is visiting the gallery free of charge?
    Yes, you can visit our gallery free of charge. All the artlovers are welcomed.
  • Where is your location?
    Our gallery is centrally located in Kadıköy, Istanbul. We are just a 5-minute walk from the Kadıköy Bull Statue. If you wish, we can share our location details with you via WhatsApp. If you have any questions, you can also reach us at +90 (531) 640 54 45 via WhatsApp. Address: Rasimpasa Mahallesi Bayramyeri Sokak No:15/1 Kadıköy / Istanbul, 34716.
  • Can I get more information?
    You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page to receive detailed information about our activities and services. If you have furthermore questions, you can leave a message here or contact our channels below. WhatsApp: +90 531 640 54 45 Telegram: @DaliDivineBot
  • Do you have a job vacancy?
    You can apply to our job listings and share your CV at the following page.
  • How did you find me?
    We regularly follow the artists and their shared art works on social media. We invite artists whose works we like and find successful directly to our events. In addition, there are artists who reach out to us, share portfolios and ask about participation conditions.
  • Do you reach out to collectors and companies?
    Yes, establishing connections between artists and art enthusiasts is one of the primary tasks of an art gallery. We continuously work on building relationships with collectors, architecture offices, hotels, and businesses. We have communicated with a significant number of them, and many of these connections are ongoing.
  • Do you provide photos of my artworks from the exhibition?
    Rest assured, we value our artists' concerns and strive to provide comprehensive coverage of the exhibition. While we can't guarantee specific photographers, we will make every effort to ensure that professional photos capturing the essence of the event, including attendees enjoying your artwork, are available for all participating artists. Additionally, we understand the importance of personalized promotional efforts. If you're interested in a special arrangement for a dedicated photo shoot of your artworks, we offer an exclusive service for an additional payment of $25. This package includes a tailored photo session highlighting your pieces and a special Instagram post on our gallery accounts, which boast a combined following of 50K organic followers. This will provide a unique opportunity to showcase your work to a wider audience and enhance your online presence. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please let us know, and we'll be happy to coordinate the details for you. If you have any specific preferences or requirements for the photos, please feel free to share them with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Why aren't my artworks shared on social media?
    In the week following the exhibition and the subsequent days, we take a structured approach to sharing the artworks and the posts from our artists. Our advertising algorithm and strategy dictate that we cannot flood our posts all at once due to its gradual nature. If you find that your artworks have not received adequate or any exposure even up to two weeks after the exhibition, we're here to help. We'll create a unique post for you and provide a personalized discount coupon that you can use in any of our future events. The same conditions apply to certificate works, and for artists who have not received their certificates within one month, we offer complimentary placement in our online auction. You can check and for new posts and updates. We greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • Does the gallery take a commission from sales?
    During the exhibition and auction periods, Luna Grande Art does not take any commission from the artwork sales. However, outside of these events, the gallery may choose to take a commission based on the agreement made with the artist.
  • I can't pay with card, is there any other way of payment?
    If you encounter any difficulties while making a payment with a card, you have the option to send an equivalent amount of USDT (TetherUS) matching the total in your online shopping cart. You can send this USDT to the provided cryptocurrency address, 0xc2ee59995feffc2e15bcc849c85e864c6a2dcdae This address is compatible with various networks, including BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), Ethereum (ERC20), Polygon, Arbitrum One, and Optimism. After making the transaction, please share the relevant information with us.
  • Can I make payment by bank?
    You can also make your payments by bank transfer. Below are our bank accounts and their ibans. Garanti Bank TL account TR46 0006 2000 0880 0006 2887 39 Garanti Bank USD account TR91 0006 2000 0880 0009 0473 85 Garanti Bank EURO account TR21 0006 2000 0880 0009 0473 84 SWIFT Code : TGBATRISXXX Name / Title: LUNA SANAT KAFE RESTORAN TİCARET VE TURİZM LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ
  • Can you give me a link for payment?
    Of course, our agents can generate a special payment link upon your request. Please note that these links use the same payment gateway with our website.
  • How is your printing quality and which materials do you use?
    We work with a professional printing house for all of our printing jobs. They use 230 gsm semi matte poster paper, forex UV, and 100% cotton, 345 gsm glossy canvas with Ecosolvent Roland printing technique. While many companies use canvas that is high in polyester content, cotton is the better material. Cotton canvas prints absorb colors better than polyester. Cotton canvas prints are also more durable than polyester canvas prints, although a small amount of polyester in the canvas helps during the stretching process.
  • How are printing and framing costs calculated?
    To secure your reservation, you can visit the following link; "Reserve Your Space" button will direct you to the payment/reservation screen where you can choose size, material and frame options for your artworks. You can learn the total cost of your participation by adding the artworks of your choice to your shopping cart. Printing and framing costs are added on top of the gallery rental fee once the desired options are selected.
  • Do you suggest specific values for my digital artworks?
    We generally recommend our artists to maintain at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch) in their digital works so that the printed versions can be prepared in the best possible way. For further details about having better results with your printed copies, you can refer to the following page. All About Digital Photos
  • Can I have detailed info about the copies of artworks?
    For extra copies, which are intended for purposes such as selling outside the exhibition, the associated expenses will be determined by the size and material chosen for printing. We typically advise our artists to acquire at least one extra print of their artworks to ensure that, during the exhibition, the displayed pieces can remain on the wall without any disruptions to the sales process. If additional copies are requested for artworks featured in the exhibition, our editors will include these duplicated pieces in our online store to expand their exposure to a broader audience. You can visit our online webstore to order extra copies of your artworks.
  • Can you determine which size is best to print my artwork?
    If you're unsure about sizes, we can assist in finding the optimal print size for your photo by conducting pixel to centimeter conversion tests. We can also help you select the printing material for the best possible outcome. You can apply with your artworks to receive assistance and special offers.
  • Do you print exhibition catalogs and participation certificates?
    We print catalogs if there is sufficient demand for a particular exhibition. The cost of the catalog is separate from the participation fee and is charged to the artists. We provide all participating artists with a digital participation certificate related to the respective exhibition.
  • How are shipping costs calculated?
    For the return of your artworks we will apprise you of any additional expenses associated with shipping and custom services. The expenses in this case will depend on your shipping address and cargo details. You can refer to our Shipping Policy for further details about the shipment of your artworks.
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