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The Stars

Presented by Mihriban Sanıvar,
Founder & CEO at Luna Grande Art & Coffee Co.

"Step into the spotlight at our vibrant visual arts exhibitions and take your performance to new heights! Our stage is your canvas, boasting cutting-edge lighting, studio sound, a 4K projector, and blackout curtain support for an immersive experience like no other.

Whether you're a musician, dancer, or visual artist, our platform is primed to amplify your talents and captivate audiences. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – leave a lasting impression and showcase your creativity in our dynamic gallery setting.

Participate with ease, either in person or remotely, with our dedicated page on the website spotlighting remote performances. Rest assured, all materials provided by remote participants undergo meticulous editing and fine-tuning before being published on our website and social media channels, ensuring your art reaches a global audience.

Ready to share your talent with the world? Apply now to be part of our electrifying showcase and let your creativity shine!"

What We Provide

Expand your artistic network by connecting with fellow participants and industry professionals.

Explore potential collaboration opportunities with other artists, opening doors to new creative ventures.

Benefit from our platform's promotional efforts to ensure your work receives attention.

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI technology and trained human resources for targeted marketing campaigns, maximizing your exposure and impact.

Networking & Collaboration

Cosmic Sky

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