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International Sales Contest

A Project of Wealth Distribution

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🎨 Join the Luna Grande Art Affiliate Program and Win Big! 🎨

Are you an affiliate marketer or someone interested in passive income? Passionate about turning your love for creativity into cash? Look no further!


Luna Grande Art invites you to participate in our exciting international sales contest. Here's your chance to profit from our expertise and earn up to *10% commission* for every successful referral.


Plus, the top seller will walk away with a $1000 award! 🎉

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🌟 Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

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Contest Rules

1. 🗓 *Contest Duration:* The competition runs until *July 18, 2025*. Mark your calendars!

2. 💰 *Minimum Sales Requirement for Prize Eligibility:* To claim the prize, participants must achieve a minimum of *$1000 in sales* during the contest period.

3. 💸 *Start Earning Commissions:* Once you've reached *$100 in sales*, commissions kick in. Get rewarded for your hard work!

4. 📚 *Learn the Ropes:* Participants are expected to familiarize themselves with the procedures through our *registration portal*.

5. 💳 *Timely Commission Payments:* Rest assured, commission payments are processed within *2-4 weeks* after successful referrals.

6. 📝 *Register Now:* To join the contest, make sure to register at our dedicated portal: Luna Grande Art Affiliate Program

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