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This contract is entered into between two parties:

a) Mr./Mrs. ________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the "ARTIST")


1. The purpose of this agreement is to outline the mutual rights and obligations of the parties concerning the exhibition and sale of the ARTIST's works in the visual arts exhibition to be held at the location provided by LUNA GRANDE ART.

2. The visual arts exhibition, featuring various artists, will be open for one week after the opening cocktail, which will take place on the first day of the exhibition. LUNA GRANDE ART will inform the ARTIST about dates and schedules before the exhibition, and reserves the right to change or postpone the exhibition.

3. Prior to uploading the image of an artwork and completing the application, it is necessary to make a reservation either by the following page: or an alternative payment method, that our agents will guide you through. LUNA GRANDE ART will promptly evaluate the artwork upon the ARTIST's application. There are no technical or subject restrictions for the ARTIST, and LUNA GRANDE ART reserves the right to accept or deny the ARTIST's application.

4. ARTISTs may apply with as many artworks as possible. For each application, uploading the image of the artwork and filling out the information form is required. Accepted file formats for the images are .jpeg/.jpg/.png.

5. ARTISTs are free to share the images and detailed information of their artworks, which they wish to participate with, via email or WhatsApp. Below are LUNA GRANDE ART's contact details:

WhatsApp: +90 531 640 54 45

LUNA GRANDE ART also encourages artists to share their portfolios and get a special price quote by the following address;

6. Public relations, photography, opening cocktail organization, exhibition poster design, and social media content management are included in the exhibition participation fee. Shipping fees and customs costs are NOT included in the participation fee. To complete the reservation for the upcoming exhibition, the ARTIST must make the participation fee payment before the deadline, as declared on the website. For the shipping of the print works, artists will be informed separately about the shipping fees at the end of the exhibition.

7. LUNA GRANDE ART will provide prints of the artworks according to the ARTIST's preferences. Several printing options that LUNA GRANDE ART can provide are listed below:


Print On Canvas
Print On Forex
Print On Paper


No Frame
Plastic Frame
Wooden Frame


(0-2,500 cm2) (Scale-1)
(2,500 - 10,000 cm2) (Scale-2)
(10,000 - 22,500 cm2) (Scale-3)

ARTISTs can make their reservations on the web platform, specifying their print preferences.

8. Sending artworks by cargo is not an accepted method of receiving the artworks. LUNA GRANDE ART does not take any responsibility for any costs associated with the cargo process or customs services. Nevertheless, ARTISTs who prefer to exhibit the original versions of their artworks are allowed to bring their artworks by themselves to LUNA GRANDE ART. The ARTIST will be responsible for transportation, accommodation, and similar needs in Istanbul, Turkey, during the week covering the exhibition organization. Similarly, LUNA GRANDE ART does not accept any responsibility for shipping original (physical) artworks to the owner. Physical artwork owners agree, as part of this contract, that they are obligated to collect their artworks within one month at the latest.

9. LUNA GRANDE ART is responsible for hanging the paintings on the walls and displaying them during the exhibition. All hanging system equipment required for the exhibition of the works will be provided by LUNA GRANDE ART. If requested by the ARTIST, LUNA GRANDE ART agrees to provide photography of the printed artworks hung on the reserved wall area of the art gallery "Luna Grande Art & Coffee Company," located at the following postal address: Rasimpaşa Mahallesi Bayramyeri Sokak No:15 Kadıköy İstanbul, 34716, as proof of the current exhibition's participation.

10. The ARTIST consents to the publication of photographs of the works to be exhibited at LUNA GRANDE ART in all forms of written and visual media, including the internet, for activities held within the scope of the event. In the case of extending the exhibition period or repeating the exhibition, or on the official website of LUNA GRANDE ART, the ARTIST hereby irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes not to claim any rights or credits for the aforementioned photographs used in the announcements made with the Company.

11. LUNA GRANDE ART irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes not to demand any share (commission) over the price of the sold work(s) during the exhibition. If the ARTIST's artwork is sold, LUNA GRANDE ART agrees to pay the total amount to the ARTIST's bank account or payment card.

12. Both parties mutually acknowledge that there will be no refunds or reimbursements of any kind under any circumstances, whether related to participation fees, production costs, or any other expenses incurred as part of this agreement. The ARTIST and LUNA GRANDE ART agree that all financial transactions made in connection with this contract are non-refundable. This clause is binding and shall remain in effect throughout the duration of the agreement.

13. LUNA GRANDE ART acknowledges and respects the intellectual property rights of the participating artists and their original artworks. In accordance with this commitment, the gallery shall not produce or sell printed copies of any artist's original artwork without obtaining explicit, written permission from the respective artist.

LUNA GRANDE ART shall be permitted to produce and sell printed copies of the original artworks only when the artist has provided written consent specifying the number of copies to be produced and sold. This written permission shall be considered a binding agreement between the artist and LUNA GRANDE ART.

Under no circumstances shall LUNA GRANDE ART engage in the production or sale of printed copies of an artist's original artwork without the artist's prior written consent. Any such unauthorized reproduction or sale of printed copies shall be considered a breach of this agreement and may result in legal action against LUNA GRANDE ART.

LUNA GRANDE ART shall maintain clear records of all written permissions obtained from artists for the production and sale of printed copies. Artists reserve the right to specify any limitations or conditions on the reproduction and sale of their artwork, and such conditions shall be strictly adhered to by LUNA GRANDE ART.

This clause is intended to protect the copyright and intellectual property rights of the artists while allowing LUNA GRANDE ART to produce and sell printed copies only with the express permission of the artist. Any disputes arising from the reproduction and sale of printed copies shall be resolved in accordance with applicable copyright laws and regulations.

In the event of any disputes related to this contract, Istanbul, Turkey Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

This contract, consisting of thirteen (13) articles, is drawn up as an original copy and enters into force upon being signed on the above-mentioned date.

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