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18-21 JANUARY 2025

Join the 2nd edition of Antalya Contemporary Art Fair 2025, with thousands of visitors, decreeing a clear success with the public for the modern and contemporary art exhibition market.


Antalya Contemporary Art Fair



Antalya Contemporary Art Fair 2025 is offering a high-level exhibition-of modern and contemporary art, with hundreds of works by great international painters, sculptors, street artists, performers and photographers. It will be possible to walk among absolute and masterpieces of art.

Benefits Of Participation

International Art Fair

> Luna Grande Art's dedicated team assists artists in presenting their paintings at their best. Whether it's photo paper, canvas, or forex, we ensure that your artworks are printed on the desired material and sizes.

> Can't be physically present? No problem! Numerous artists from various countries are opting for remote participation. Our team and curators will represent you and your artworks, handling potential sales even if you're miles away.


> IAAF Istanbulo 2024 attracts thousands of visitors annually, including collectors, investors, and enthusiasts. By joining us, your art reaches a diverse audience from Europe and beyond. It's a chance to make an impact on an international scale.

> More than 50 galleries participate, offering a selection of works by great international painters, sculptors,, and photographers. Your art will be in esteemed company.

Antalya Glass Pyramid

18 - 21 January 2025

Antalya Contemporary Art Fair is a cultural event bringing the works of the most beautiful names in modern and contemporary art. The four days of international culture will give the public the opportunity to experience hundreds of works by artists from all over the world. 


The interlocutors of the art show will be collectors, art dealers and simple enthusiasts; public made up of those with large amounts of investment, but also of the new generations perhaps more interested in the artistic expressions recently included in the showcase.

About The Fair


Don't Miss The Opportunity

DATE: 18 - 21 January 2025

RESERVATIONS: Last 1 week for Early Bird Entrance
VENUE: Antalya Glass Pyramid

ADRESS: Meltem, Sakıp Sabancı Blv. No:9, 07030 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Dates & Deadlines & Details

> Paintings: From classic to avant-garde, your paintings find their place.
> Sculptures: Three-dimensional art captivates visitors.
> Installations: Thought-provoking installations create immersive experiences.
> Photos and NFTs: Digitized art takes center stage.

Diverse Art Forms

> Collectors: Those with substantial investments seek out exceptional artworks. IAAF Istanbul provides a platform for collectors to discover new talent.
> Art Dealers: Professionals in the art market explore fresh perspectives and build connections.
> Enthusiasts: New generations interested in contemporary expressions find inspiration here.
> Art Galleries: Selected art galleries from many countries, especially Turkey, are taking part in the IAAF Istanbul Art & Antiques Fair.

Who Attends?

> The majority of our art displays involve the opportunity to purchase the featured artworks. Enabling the sale of artwork stands as a central function of our gallery.

> We take on the role of personally representing both the artworks and the artists during the exhibition, furnishing comprehensive information to those who express interest.

> Our process for selling involves direct interaction with the artists and is carried out in a professional manner.

About Artwork Sales


Antalya Contemporary Art Fair

Reserve Your Space

To secure your reservation easily, you can visit our reservation page. "Reserve Your Space" button will direct you to the reservation screen where you can choose the wall area you would like to rent.

Secondly, we can give you a special offer for your participation. To receive a price quote you can fill the "Request a Quote" form at the following page.

About Antalya / Turkey

Antalya, shimmering like a pearl on Turkey's southern coast, bathes in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Discovering The Magic

This city where history meets nature entices artists with its ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, and mystical ambiance. For participants of the upcoming art fair in January 2025, Antalya promises an unforgettable experience with its unique landscapes and inspiring atmosphere.